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Purchase of non-ferrous metals

Volhartmetal – Buying non-ferrous metals. Honest and fast valuation. Check our offer.

We buy non-ferrous metals such as:

Copper (Cu)

Brass (CuZn)

Lead (Pb)

Zamak (ZnAl)

Zinc (Zn)

Aluminum (Al)

Grade bronzes

Buying of non-ferrous metals - What do we offer?

We are the market leader in the purchase of non-ferrous metals. Our company offers quick and favorable solutions for customers looking for a professional partner in trading metals such as copper, aluminum, brass or bronze.

skup metali kolorowych

Buying non-ferrous metals - Price list

We offer fair pricing, fast service and pay out money on the spot. Check the current prices of our purchase of non-ferrous metals.


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VOLHARTMETAL Recycling Sp. z o.o.
85 Leśna St.
41-506 Chorzow

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