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We are not just another scrap collection point, but a business partner

Are you looking for a scrap collection point that not only appraises scrap reliably and at a high value, but also pays on time and provides you with support for formalities? Choose Volhartmetal Recycling.

We are for you if...

We are guided by principles made of steel, so we are hardened in making money on metals. See if we can be a reliable partner for your company as well.

We do not delay payments

We pay quickly and on time, because we know how important it is to maintain liquidity in business.

We don't stay silent when a customer is waiting to be contacted

We efficiently answer phone calls and reply to emails, providing our partners with support at every stage of cooperation.

We give no reason for bad reviews

We do the work reliably and stick to contracts. Every word between us and the customer is sacred. When we assure that we will pick up waste from anywhere in Poland within 24 hours, we do.

We are in compliance with BDO

We are a responsible company that cares about the environment and operates in full compliance with the law.

We do not offer low prices

The rates we offer make customers want to work with us, because it simply pays off.

We weigh each delivery fairly

We regularly calibrate our certified scales and guarantee accuracy to 100g.

We do not allow ourselves to misclassify

Our specialists have XRF spectrometers that determine the chemical composition of metals in less than 10 seconds. This is how we ensure the proper determination of raw materials.

Who do we cooperate with?

What industries cooperate with us?

We purchase metals from responsible companies that care about the environment. Most often they come from these industries.

Forges, steelworks, wood industry

that need to get rid of production scrap, used tools and waste generated in technological processes.


generating production waste based on nickel, molybdenum, cobalt and heat-resistant superalloys and superalloys.


containing monolithic waste, sintered carbide and HSS steel sludge in the form of used tools or technological scrap.

Energy industry

who care about reusing waste for the sake of the environment.

Scrap metals

who expect high prices, quick collection and express and reliable pricing.

Companies like yours

who want to find an honest partner who keeps his word.

What do we buy?

With us, you are guaranteed to get paid for it:

Monolithic waste in the form of milling cutters, drills, multi-shot inserts, rollers, inserts, rings, dies.

Non-monolithic waste from the manufacturing, sharpening and reconditioning of carbide tools.

Monolithic waste of M2, M35, M42, T1 grade tools.

Monolithic scrap of metals such as copper (Cu), brass (CuZn), aluminum (Al), lead (Pb), zinc (Zn) and grade bronzes.

Monolithic scrap of metals such as tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), cobalt (Co), tin (Sn), nickel (Ni).

Monolithic scrap of metals such as silver (Ag), gold (Au), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd).

Ni-based superalloys and additional Co, Ni and Cu such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Nimonic, Monel, Icoloy.

Stainless steel, heat resistant steel and quality steels for hot work: WCL, WCLV, WNL, WNLV, WLV.

Transition alloys as additives in steelmaking: FeMo, FeV, FeNb, FeW, FeNi, FeTi, FeCr, FeMn.

Who are we?

We are Volhartmetal Recycling, and we have been in the business of buying carbide and HSS as well as rare, non-ferrous metals for more than 10 years. We have served more than 3,000 unique customers, working with reputable companies in the industrial sector from Poland and all over Europe.

skup metali strategicznych
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years of experience

in buying carbide and HSS, as well as rare, non-ferrous metals.

0 +

individual and corporate from whom we have collected scrap metal.

0 +
tons of scrap metal

we bought from customers in 2022 (a significant portion was strategic metals).

What do customers say about us?

We have been successfully buying metals for more than 10 years and know our business like few others. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Find out the opinions of people who have worked with us.

Daniel L
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Polecam firmę, która zajmuję się tego typu rzeczami, podchodzą bardzo profesjonalnie do potrzeb klienta, wspaniały kontakt tel. i e-mail. Robią wspaniałą robotę, gdzie każda ze stron jest zawsze zadowolona na 100 %. Firma należy do jak najbardziej zaufanych. Na 10 punktów, daję 11.
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Muszę przyznać, że najwyższa cena na rynku. U mnie proponowano 70 zł/kg za węgliki spiekane złom w postaci frezów i wierteł, a tu dostałem cenę 85 zł/kg. Bezproblemowa wysyłka pieniądze na koncie. Polecam innym. Wcześniej nie korzystałem z takiej formy sprzedaży.
Stanislaw Kofin
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Polecam firmę, szybka realizacja zlecenia. Bardzo dobry kontakt, miła obsługa.
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Firma bardzo rzetelna i uczciwa! Słowni i odpowiedzialni ludzie 🙂 Bardzo polecam!!!
Przemysław Szafranek
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Firma z wysoką kulturą i standardami. Wycena towaru błyskawiczna, zawsze życzliwe podejście do klienta, można liczyć na ceny najwyższe w kraju za złom węglika spiekanego. Obiór osobisty zawsze w umówionym terminie. Płatność na miejscu. Współpracujemy od lat, serdeczne polecam.
Adam Woliński
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Świetny kontakt i profesjonalizm w każdym calu. Wiele rozwiązań i ułatwień dla klienta, bezproblemowa obsługa. Współpraca z tą firmą to czysta przyjemność. Szczerze polecam.
Kuba Miśkiewicz
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Jestem pełen podziwu, dla profesjonalizmu, szybkości obsługi, i miłej atmosfery. Serdecznie polecam współpracę. Godny zaufania i polecenia partner. Najlepsza cena i najlepsza obsługa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please send all invoices to the following e-mail address:

The company’s headquarters is located in Chorzów at 85 Leśna Street. We are open Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00.

We purchase non-ferrous metals and rare metals. We do not buy steel scrap or municipal waste (aluminum cans) at this time.

Yes, the price list is updated on an ongoing basis.

Business entities must add VAT to the prices given in the price list on the final invoice; for natural persons, this is the amount to be paid.

Natural persons must have a valid document with a photo (ID card or passport). Business entities must have a current entry in the BDO register.

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